2012 Evelyn TMC Reader

ETP Awana

Evelyn Pearson placed her faith and trust in Jesus as Savior as a teenager. She has been in lay ministry her entire adult life, primarily in children’s ministry. Since marrying Rev. Dave Pearson in 2005, her ministries have expanded to include radio co-host, assistant chaplain at O’Hare and Midway airports with Skyword Ministries, and Deaconess, Prayer Partner leader, and Visitor Center volunteer at The Moody Church. She believes her ministry with Dave is a fulfillment of their goal for their marriage to allow them to “do together what neither could do alone.”

Evelyn has been privileged to travel extensively. First with her birth family as a military dependent, she was born in Germany and lived half her life there by age 13; her family traveled frequently in the United States and Europe. Then as an employee of an international oil company, she traveled nearly one million miles on personal and company business to Asia, Europe, and throughout the United States. Evelyn has made it a priority to fellowship with believers wherever she is when she is away on Sundays.




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