Dave TMC 2008 Dave Bricks Studio Inspirational speaking:
Rev. Dave Pearson, has two personas for inspirational speaking.

Pastor Dave: As an ordained minister, He fills the pulpit at area churches and missions with topical messages that often integrate his moving testimony of a difficult childhood and early adulthood.

Karate Dave: As a fifth-degree black belt and ordained minister, Dave has a high-energy karate demonstration with audience participation and spiritual application. These demonstrations have been done at churches, Vacation Bible Schools, summer camps, village festivals, and more. Each demonstration ends with Dave sharing his moving testimony age-appropriate for the audience then breaking a stack of bricks or wood to emphasize Philippians 4:13 (“I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” NIV).

2012 Evelyn TMC Reader Evelyn Pearson: Is more accustomed to speaking professionally about chemical process technology and organizational capability but has taught in children ministries for over 30 years and assembled radio program scripts for eight years.

Pastor Dave and Evelyn have been creating, producing, and airing radio programs in the greater Chicago area for eight years: Inspirational Moments with the Pearsons on WJJG then Saturdays with Dave and Evelyn on AM 1160 WYLL Christian Talk. Their weekly programs address a theme through a survey of the Bible and thoughtfully selected music.

Karate Side Tilt Master’s Martial Arts Academy
A fifth-degree black belt, Pastor Dave, is the founder and lead instructor of Master’s academy, a martial arts school that offers classes at area churches, home school programs, or youth centers. Dave has taught thousands of students since founding the school in 1988. The classes are family-friendly and suitable for parents and grandparents to take the classes with their children and grandchildren. The program offers an opportunity for belt advancement.

In addition to their family ministries, Dave and Evelyn serve through other ministries. Dave is a chaplain at O’Hare and Midway airports through Skyword Ministries and is a deacon at The Moody Church. He also preaches regularly at the Pacific Garden Mission as part of the speaker rotation from the Institute in Basic Life Principles. Evelyn serves as an assistant chaplain in Skyword Ministries, teaches Kids Church and ministers with Dave as Prayer Partner leader and Visitor Center volunteer at The Moody Church.

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