Pastor Dave Pearson

  • Inspirational Speaker
  • Founder, Master’s Martial Arts Academy Radio Co-host
  • Radio Co-host, Producer
2008 Dave TMC Testimony

Dave Pearson has dedicated his life to calling sinners to repentance and strengthening and encouraging believers in Jesus Christ. These messages permeate his ministry and give it direction, purpose, and meaning.  Dave primarily ministers in three ways.

  • First, he gives inspirational messages at special meetings, youth gatherings, school assemblies, and in the pulpit on request.
  • Second, Dave is the founder and lead instructor of a Christian karate school, Master’s Martial Arts Academy.
  • Third, he co-hosts a weekly radio program in the Chicago area.

2011 VBS Demonstration Dave, ordained at Oak Forest Baptist Temple in 1992, addresses audiences of all ages and walks of life. He has spoken at such varied venues as Christian colleges, Christian K-12 schools, public schools, detention homes, missions, Christian camps, Vacation Bible Schools, and churches.  In addition to making personal appearances, Dave has been interviewed on radio and television programs.  His moving and clear messages often start from his difficult childhood with an alcoholic father but always end with the hope in his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Perhaps due to his upbringing which was featured in an “Unshackled!” program, Dave relates well with children, especially those in troubled homes or foster care. Although a gifted worker with children, Dave seeks to reach the entire family.

2004 Wheaton Bible VBS 1 Founded in 1988, Master’s Martial Arts Academy has students of all ages from pre-schoolers to grandparents.  The academy has ten locations in the Chicago area. A fifth-degree Black belt, Dave encourages parents to attend with their children.  Churches often use the classes as an innovative outreach that appeals to active youth, and some home school groups use the classes as a physical education elective. Along with the physical self-defense training, Dave teaches how to keep up your spiritual guard.  Each class ends with a short Biblical application and prayer. Since the beginning of the ministry, thousands of students have been taught by Dave; many have earned their Black belt certification.

2005 Treasure Kids Naperville Dave has often been accompanied by his two children, Glen and Dawn, and his wife, Evelyn, in his ministry.  His children can share their own challenges of losing their mother to cancer.

2008 Aurora 1 In 2005, Dave and his family started a new ministry, a radio program called Inspirational Moments with the Pearsons.  The hour program of prayer, music, Scripture, and discussion aired each week on a secular radio station.  In 2011, Dave and his wife moved their program to WYLL, Christian talk radio, in the Chicago area. Their current program, Saturdays with Dave & Evelyn, airs on AM 1160 WYLL and streams live on Saturday mornings at  8:00 a.m. US Central time.

Dave is honored to serve the Lord through his unique ministries.  He has been privileged to see many come to know Christ as Savior.

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