Founder, Lead Instructor, Pastor Dave Pearson / Karate Dave
Pastor Dave Pearson is the founder and lead instructor of the Christian karate school, Master’s Martial Arts Academy. A fifth-degree Black belt and ordained minister, Dave founded Master’s Martial Arts Academy in 1988 to teach students physical and spiritual defense. He often says that he can train someone to take on five guys physically but can he handle one temptation. In order to spend time on both physical and spiritual defense, each class has time of prayer and a brief devotional in addition to the martial arts and self-defense training. Since 1988, Dave has taught thousands of students, many of whom have earned their Black belt certification.


 Senior Instructor

  • Pastor Dave Pearson

Current Assistant Instructors

  • Pat Gilmore
  • Ben Marks
  • Zach Marks *
  • Matthew Medlen
  • Jennifer Medlen
  • Dawn Pearson *
  • Evelyn Pearson *
  • Brittany Nochnerus *
  • Bryson Ramsey
  • Gordon Rogers *
  • Karyn Smith *
  • Jay Vanagas

Previous Assistant Instructors

  • Randy Carbon
  • Lily Dana *
  • Dan Davis
  • Norm Jacobson
  • Tim Hendricks
  • Rick Linville *
  • Carl Menzer
  • Glen Pearson *
  • Jeff Raysby *
  • Bill Rulian *

* Honorable Mention and most used as substitute

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