Class Overview

Martial Arts Style
A unique blend of tang soo do karate, judo, jiu jitsu sport karate, and street survival techniques that provide a fast and effective method of self-defense.

2003 Tournament Glen 1997 Dave w students coursedetails Five Aims of Class
1. Respect
2. Humility
3. Perseverance
4. Self-control
5. Honesty

Weekly Class Overview
Physical Training: warm-ups and stretching, kata (forms), light-touch (head and chest strikes only), sparring drills (not “full contact”, no flips or throws.)

spiritualtraining 2003 Stone Church Skill Drill Spiritual Training: time of prayer and a short teaching on Biblical principles

What to bring and wear to class: loose-fitting or athletic clothes

  • Uniforms are optional
  • Sparring gloves provided for use during class
  • Opportunity to purchase your own karate uniform ($25) and accessories including age-appropriate, practice weapons

Facility Requirements

MA Class

  • Sufficient space to allow students to spread out individually for stretching and in pairs for sparring.
  • Good lighting and reasonable temperature control for the activities.
  • Ceilings at least 10′ tall and no fragile objects within the practice space.
  • No pillars, physical obstructions, or tripping hazards where the students will be practicing.
  • Carpeting and mats are not required.
  • Access to water, such as through water fountains.

Oldest Student 2000s Demonstration Student Eligibility
Age : Pre-school through grandparents

Physical Condition : The physical activities of the Master’s Academy classes include stretching, physical-skill drills, katas (forms), and light-touch sparring. Some of these activities require vigorous exercise. Each student should seek approval from their doctor for the type and level of physical activity required.

Special Needs
The Master’s Academy classes include stretching, physical-skill drills, katas (forms), and light-touch sparring in a group setting; these activities require vigorous exercise, memorization, and controlled behavior. In addition, students are expected to memorize material related to the training and Bible verses.

If a student has special needs that may hinder them from participating in these activities, they should discuss concerns with their doctor first. With a doctor’s consent to participate in the activity, please discuss physical, learning, or behavioral concerns with lead instructor, Dave Pearson.

He has been able to adapt the classes for many types of special needs over the years. Dave Pearson is an experienced teacher who is gifted with children. He expects good sportsmanship and discipline to be displayed in and out of class and has successfully taught students who have had difficulties with disciplined behavior in other environments. Please discuss any special needs with Dave.

If necessary, a student may try one class free to see if it can be adapted for their needs or whether the student may be more suitable for private lessons.
Breaking Through Part 1
Breaking Through Part2

Students will be disqualified from taking classes at Master’s Academy for the following reasons:

1. Gross or repeated violation of the five aims of the class: respect, humility, perseverance, self-control, honesty.
2. Failure to control (pull) their punches or kicks during sparring.
3. Using their self-defense training inappropriately outside of the class.

Non-contract classes
Individual Student: $10/class
Family (nuclear): $20/class
Belt Advancement (gold-brown): $20
Black Belt: $30
Private Lessons: $35

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