Timeline of media ministry

1989 Dave does first TV special, Capital Call-In with Les Raker

1989 TV Special

1990, 1992 Dave and his student Jeff Raysby do “Morning Clock” on WMBI with Bob Murfin and Greg Wheatley

1990 Morning Clock Radio

April 1994 Dave does TV special on “Among Friends“.Among Friends Video

1994 TV Special

December 1994 Dave a TV special “Safe and sound”
1994 TV Special Flow Dec

1994 TV Special Prep 1994 TV Special Ticket

 1998 Dave does Set Free TV program on life story

Set Free TV letter

2000 Dave does on-air demonstration breaking bricks at WJJG morning show with Joe Gentile


2002 Unshackled life story

2002 WMBI Mornings with Christ Fabry and John Haden promoting Dave’s story and karate ministries.

2003 – 2005 Dave does a live 2-minute inspirational moment every Friday on WJJG morning show with Joe Gentile

June 2004 Dave does WWTO TV 35 Special

2004 WWTO TV 35 Special

April 2005 Dave & Evelyn get married

2005 Bride, Groom, Nunchuks

May – August 2005 Inspirational Moments with the Pearsons launches as a live 30-minute program on WJJG Sundays @ 8 p.m.

2005 Inspirational Moments with the Pearsons

March 2006 The Pearson family does a TV special in Pittsburgh

2006 evelynTV

June 2006 Inspirational Moments with the Dave and Evelyn relaunches as a 60-minute program Fridays @ noon with tagline “High Noon with the Most High”

August 2009 Inspirational Moments has highest number of callers to date with Dave Boyer interview

June 2009 Inspirational Moments with the Dave and Evelyn moves to Saturdays @ 9 a.m.

2009 Evelyn Radio Paris

June 2010 Inspirational Moments with the Dave and Evelyn expands to a 90-minute program

February 2011 Inspirational Moments sets new record for callers for celebration of Pastor Dave’s birthday

October 2011 Dave and Evelyn move to AM 1160 WYLL for a weekly live program Saturdays @ 4 p.m. called Saturday Afternoons with Dave & Evelyn

WYLL logo

October 2012 Dave and Evelyn move to Saturdays at 8:00 a.m. on AM 1160 WYLL as a pre-recorded program now called Saturdays with Dave & Evelyn

2013 Dave Home Studio

June 2013 Pearson Family Ministries establishes web presence with website and social media. Listeners can now listen to most recent program and previous samples on web any time of day for three weeks

June 2014 Pearson Family Ministries is accepted as a full member of the National Religious Broadcasters

2014_NRB Logo B member (2)

July 2014 The radio station broadcasting Saturdays with Dave and Evelyn, WYLL, rebrands to AM 1160 Hope for Your Life (www.1160hope.com).

WYLL Logo 2014

July 2014 Dave and Evelyn introduce new signature programming, “The Sounds of Summer” series
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